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how to check ac clutch This is an indicator that the fan clutch may be defective. The Air Conditioning System will get cold when the Compressor Clutch is engaged but the clutch quickly quits and just blows semi cool to warm air. The bearing in my compressor was worn out. Replace thermostat 5. I have a 1990 BMW E30 4dr Sedan (M20). Aug 31, 2010 · Also check the ground wire (BL/BR) coming off of the compressor's clutch for condition, as well as the ground connection (aka G102) atop the right front strut tower. Next, check the compressor clutch itself. Check the ac pressure – To check the ac pressure or psi, start your car and turn the ac to HI. Set all air conditioning controls to the MAX before kicking off the engine. What to Look For: If the refrigerant is low, check for visible system leaks that appear green and oily. The AC compressor clutch will cost more than $400, while the labor associated with AC compressor clutch replacement will run you Aug 29, 2019 · Connect your AC compressor clutch to a 12-volt battery to see if it engages. May 20, 2020 · Open up the hood and listen for the AC compressor and clutch to engage. Turn the AC on to max cool. – Check all air vents. Connect the positive, or red wire, to the positive side of the battery. Check if the clutch is engaging. Jul 23, 2013 · 8,310 Posts. Save. The clutch coil on a compressor is an electro-magnetic coil, which pulls the clutch hub into contact with the spinning clutch pulley. If there is power going to the power wire, and the trigger wire then your relay is the issue. May 27, 2010 · If the AC clutch is fried (open circuit) then you'll only see ~5-6V even with the AC clutch plugged in. You can hear the clicking noise of the A/C compressor clutch engaging and disengaging. Reconnect the 14-pin connector. Bypass the Relay. I would say yes, your compressor clutch is faulty. If you have voltage at the compressor, possibly a I had the same issue. AC Motor Winding Resistance Test Check the motor winding resistance or ohms reading with a multimeter. You can also check the high and low-pressure switch of it. The next test we’ll do is a bar-to- bar test, which measures each individual loop. Attach the can to the low port, start the truck, turn the AC on high/max, jump the compressor, start to fill it back up, and it'll stay running itself. The compressor clutch is not engaging no matter how long I watch it on a 70 Your AC system will completely cease to blow cold air without the cycling switch to activate the compressor’s clutch. Did you check the fuse? Jun 15, 2018 · Seems like newer clutch have built-in diode or thermal fuse and that got burnt just because my friend didn't bother check polarity first. To measure the air gap, you need to slide a gap gauge between the compressor clutch and the bearing face. Also remember the problem of flywheel slip can be caused by other vehicle related issues. 1 CHECK CAN COMMUNICATION SYSTEM (a) Use the intelligent tester to check if the CAN communication system is functioning normally. I don't need another summer in a black car without a/c If your AC blows cold for only 5 minutes, and you’ve recharged the R134a, this is very likely what you need to do. This process can take several minutes. Bad clutch coil 6. 4. See full list on mechanicwiz. A common cause of the ac clutch not turning on is lack of refrigerant gas in the system. The 2000 Xterra's Air Conditioning is sometimes cool but may not work other times. 01-253 Air conditioning, electrical testing Wire and component test using VAG1598 A test box Special tools and equipment VAG 1598 A test box and VAG 1598/11 adapter cable and VAG 1598/12 VAG1526 Multimeter or VAS 5051 Vehicle diagnostic, Test Instruments and Information system, with measuring leads VAS 5051/7, DSO measuring cable VAS 5051 Jun 08, 2020 · Check if the compressor clutch engages when the ac is on. SKU # 71225. This clutch connects to your vehicle’s engine to draw power from it. THe clutch is a VERY simple device (an electromagnet) - all it is, is a coil of wire. The clutch wire felt broken along its length. Nov 23, 2020 · Compressor Clutch Issues. May 21, 2007 · The low-pressure safety cutout disables the compressor if there isn't enough refrigerant in the system. ** This paper is an effort to try to provide some troubleshooting information to TDI owners. If only the pulley is turning Jun 09, 2021 · Low oil in ac compressor resulting from compressor leak will cause friction leading to erratic temperature when the air conditioning system engages. test. WIRING DIAGRAM. The compressor’s magnetic coil has a connector that you will need to disconnect. Knowing when your AC compressor is running or not is critical to diagnosing the AC system, but also for charging the system. 5. Resistance Checks: • Unplug the coil connector and read the resistance of the coil using an ohmmeter. And again, as the name implies, the bars adjacent to each other, we measure 0. To bypass the relay, plug the A/C back in. Again, it’s just important that they do not vary radically. 3 Symptom 3: AC blows warm air. Once you turn on the AC the center part of the compressor, the AC clutch should engage and start to rotate with the pulley. Without this relay, the AC compressor will not have power and the AC system will not function. If it is engaging and disengaging quickly, then it may be that it is low in the refrigerant. Sent from my SM-G970U using Tapatalk – Your AC compressor clutch may struggle to engage your AC system’s compressor when your AC system is turned on. Oct 22, 2015 · Turn the air conditioning controls to MAX AC and start the engine. Mar 03, 2010 · The AC clutch is on the front of the compressor where the belt rides. Bad thermostat 5. Sep 15, 2020 · Stuck Clutch. The connector is C110 in the attached diagram (AC Compressor Controls Electrical Diagram. Insert the pointed end of the test light into each wire to test them. She said the AC was blowing hot with the AC set to max. New fuse, and I'm chilling again. F. Low Refrigerant - low pressure switch has cut off clutch power Repair 1. Sadly at over 400 mega ohms the clutch coil has failed. Chad Farhat. The compressor clutch should engage. You can also check the leads to the compressor which can be the magnetic clutch and also the operation. Jul 12, 2019 · To check the clutch, first, turn on the A/C (when the car is blowing warm air) and note whether the clutch engages. Also check your fuses, lastly it could be your switch in the HVAC controls. Power Supply Test For single phase motors, the expected voltage is about 230V or 208V depending whether you are using the UK or America voltage system. Step 1: Check the clutch. Follow the wire that goes from the AC compressor to the clutch relay mounted on the firewall. If the AC clutch fails to energize then it would mean that you have a problem with power, ground, thermal protector switch, or the magnetic clutch. If you have voltage there, then your electrical circuit is verified. Replace compressor 4. You can also check the AC control on the dash of the car. 10,909 satisfied customers. if you dont have power to the compressor then you have to do some faly tracing. If it's infinite, there is an open. $. The shaft is joined to the flywheel’s rotating shaft by an electromagnetic switch. The gap between the clutch disc and the AC pulley must be a set distance. usually i use a power probe – Your AC compressor clutch may struggle to engage your AC system’s compressor when your AC system is turned on. Jun 27, 2010 · Posted: 05/16/11. May 20, 2010 · Step 2 - Test. When power is applied to the clutch it engages to turn the compressor. Check fuses and wiring for damage. The AC clutch is controlled by a clutch system. Jan 06, 2016 · The AC clutch cycling switch is a very important component to a modern vehicle’s AC system. operation, the clutch must be allowed to cool completely before testing is performed. History. Jun 25, 2014 · When you remove the AC relay listed as A/C Magnetic Clutch Relay on the wiring diagram see if you can locate the two coil terminals. If you want to diagnose an AC compressor clutch for defects, apply these techniques: Working Method 1. The compressor only uses the power when it needs it, but if the AC compressor clutch or its pulley gets stuck, the compressor will not work because it won’t be getting any power. Owner. If you have a spare relay, remove the cover and squeeze the contacts together manually. Now, you may not know what your armature design is going to read. Disconnect the clutch connector from the wiring harness. The A/C compressor cycles on and off too often and out of pressure specifications. Options. I’ve seen Fan Clutch test First, lets discuss what the fan clutch does and why it is there. Apr 09, 2009 · first off you need to check power to the compressor the power wire to the comp is the wire going into the clutch. Apr 28, 2013 · If your AC Clutch coil fails, you may be able to repair it. The compressor clutch is not engaging no matter how long I watch it on a 70 A4 Air Conditioning Control Circuit Troubleshooting . Next step, is to check system with manifold gauges. 128. Jun 01, 2011 · Check the front of the engine-fan clutch for a buildup of grease on the thermostatic coil. Jul 30, 2015 · Next, using a heavy gauge piece of wire, jumper pins “3” and “5” together. The following information will help you in detecting any issues in your BMW's air conditioning system. However, a large resistance between 1 and 2 would Jun 13, 2020 · Locate the Relay. That single 8mm bolt in the center is the only thing you actually need to remove (technically the belt can even stay on, though I popped mine off to make more wiggle May 05, 2015 · 241 Posts. To test for current draw, begin by turning off the enigne. 2 TPS Replacement 10. I am trying to diagnose an AC problem. Replacement of the clutch and/or compressor may be necessary. Turn the engine on. Might need more than one can :imo. Even if I would have been successful in installing the clutch the compressor would have failed shortly thereafter. Yet, if it is not engaging, you should use a voltmeter to measure the voltage that gets into the compressor. Oct 23, 2021 · An AC clutch is what makes the AC compressor turn. I know my next step is to check the clutch and coil however in not really sure how to. Broken clutch wire or no 12v power 3. Usually when a AC clutch doesn't work, it is due to a poor ground. Now the old clutch with burnt diode is shorted so coil would heat up where usually from what I searched if diode is damaged it would be open and compressor clutch would work normally but only the problem of May 20, 2010 · Step 2 - Test. Feb 21, 2018 · A perfectly functioning air conditioning system is important for a comfortable ride. With AC turned on and engine on, you should get 13-14 volts if the ECM/low pressure switch is powering the compressor on (which means enough refrigerant to allow compressor With the replacement shims in place, hammer the clutch back onto the pulley and repeat step 4 to re-tighten the clutch back onto the compressor. Sep 01, 2019 · Trying to troubleshoot my girlfriend's 2013 LT. #2 · Jul 24, 2013. Locate the air conditioner clutch relay by tracing the wire connection from the air conditioner compressor plug-in to the relay. Jun 13, 2020 · Locate the Relay. Touch the test light to each of the three AC clutch wires. However, a large resistance between 1 and 2 would Oct 16, 2015 · (10-16-2015, 07:07 AM) dieselman2006 Wrote: Hello M8s I am looking for solution on international trucks how to reset A/C system Thanks in advance u can hook battery cables for a few minutes and reset code, if there is an ac codd that comes back the ac is inoperable. Even pressure on both High and Low sides, maybe about 50 - 100 PSI. Broken compressor piston 4. The center part (the clutch) should be engaged and should be spining along with the pulley. This could be a sign that the contactor has melted, leaving the air conditioner with no means to block electricity. 7 Our Advice. – Check your outdoor unit. Sent from my SM-G970U using Tapatalk If the clutch doesn't engage with AC on, locate the compressor's power terminals and, with a multimeter, check for voltage coming to the terminals from the engine harness. With one lead on the connector pin and the other placed anywhere on the metal body, you should read 3-6 ohms on a good coil, less than 2 ohms on a shorted coil and a very high or open resistance if the Thermal Fuse is Blown or there is a broken wire in the coil. Then look at the front of the compressor clutch. Do a continuity test of the BL/BR wire from its connection point at the comprssor to the ground point on the right strut tower. I found that if I stepped on it the AC would work (clutch would engage), and so I did a lot of unnecessary WOT$ when gas was higher. Since there are three terminals Step 2: Turn on your A/C system. Connect one meter lead to one wire in the clutch connector at "A". Set the blowing fan to maximum speed. #8 · May 25, 2015. Four Seasons A/C Clutch 47298. 99. Aug 26, 2020 · The AC compressor clutch is a small part of your AC system, but it can cost a lot of money to replace it. I was out of town for work, so – Your AC compressor clutch may struggle to engage your AC system’s compressor when your AC system is turned on. A car AC compressor failure will not engage and will often lead to skipping and squealing caused by the friction of the belt. Jul 11, 2016 · Part 1 of 1: Test the clutch. Within 20 minutes of them doing all this, the problem started. Jun 12, 2019 · As a result, your AC won’t turn on. Since the A/C is not coming on, you should see pressure in the lines. Is get some guages and check the pressure. I cut past the break and exposed the wire to do a repeat test. There are lots of AC clutch repair videos on youtube and these should be a great help. Replace clutch coil 6. It is connected to the flywheel with an accessory belt, and that is how it gets its power. If any of those tests fail, there is a control issue. Turn on your A/C and fans to the max setting. The psi for the low side should be about 25 to 40. 48,094 satisfied customers. A defective clutch coil can be diagnosed very easily. It is a thermostatically controlled device that when An AC compressor clutch can also seize and keep the compressor activated especially if you are running low on refrigerant or your condenser is extremely dirty. 5 How to Manually Engage AC Compressor Clutch. Connect the 12-volt light test to the negative cable on the vehicle battery. Then I noticed that my horn wasn't working either. the compressor may have a brake in the coil winding. Knowing when your AC compressor is running or not is critical to diagnosing the AC system, but also for charging the – Your AC compressor clutch may struggle to engage your AC system’s compressor when your AC system is turned on. 6 Unusual Noise Due to Compressor 19. In a (CCOT) cycling clutch orifice tube system, there's a constant pressure drop across the fixed orifice tube. Jun 11, 2021 · 2) Check the AC Compressor. Ac clutch won't engage, no slipping, (air conditioner. The AC clutch is a part of the AC compressor, the heart of the Air Aug 29, 2019 · Connect your AC compressor clutch to a 12-volt battery to see if it engages. I have two pictures of the connector My 08 Fit sport Ac clutch won’t engage I’ve checked the relay and I know it works. One possible cause of this symptom is that the Thermistor may be defective. Then set the fans to high. Now you are ready to recharge the Chevrolet A/C system. The relay will have a three-wire connection. 4 Clutch Inspection 17. The engagement clutch, called an AC clutch, can also fail rendering the compressor inoperative. Check if the clutch rotates freely: Inspect the AC compressor clutch and ensure it’s not making a grinding noise when turning or hard to turn. Failed AC clutch. Failing internal components caused by normal wear or low AC Oil levels caused by leaks. – Your AC compressor clutch may struggle to engage your AC system’s compressor when your AC system is turned on. I have done some preliminary diagnosis on it and could use some advice. Add refrigerant as directed by the A/C recharge kit you are using. Inspect that clutch air gap for its recommended spacing. trying to figure this out before it gets too hot. Apr 25, 2020 · Test for AC Compressor Clutch Function. Is the compressor coming on? May 05, 2015 · 241 Posts. Fan Clutch test First, lets discuss what the fan clutch does and why it is there. How you can repair the ac compressor clutch: Remove the AC belt with a wrench. It doesn't vary or change its output according to demands like an expansion valve does. 4. Open the bonnet and locate the AC compressor. Before replacing the wheel well liner and wheel, you may want to start the car with the AC on. The center part on the pulley of the A/C compressor will not spin when you have the air conditioner off or if there is a problem. – Check your thermostat settings. If the compressor does not engage, check for a wiring harness open circuit or loss of ground at the compressor. Broken belt 2. The test light will illuminate if there is power. Checked relays, high and low pressure switches. Using a fused 12-volt jumper, apply power to pin T14/10 (green/black). There should be a 6mm socket on the center of the AC clutch which you will need to remove. I wanted to check the voltage going to the AC Compressor clutch, but I cannot figure out how to disconnect the connector. 5 Unusual Noise Not Due to Compressor 18. I’ve confirmed that my AC clutch is not engaging properly and that it could be because of wear to the clutch plate. No power to the compressor clutch. First you will want to check your coil resistance by using a multimeter. 1 Method 1: You can add more coolant. 9 times out of ten if your having a problem with the cluch its the windings if you got power to the compressor and no go shoot the compressor. Since you don’t want the air conditioner to fail during the hottest months of the year, pay attention to these symptoms of a bad AC contactor: 1. First thing that comes to mind is the low pressure switch, could be low on Freon or bad. Jul 21, 2010 · N/A. Jun 08, 2020 · Check if the compressor clutch engages when the ac is on. Then, attach the black wire to the negative side of the battery. Aug 27, 2016 · First up, locate your AC compressor - it's the lowest accessory in this pic, drivers side of the engine. Hello, I'm trying to help out a coworker with her car, a 2008 Nissan Rogue with approximately 130k miles. May 13, 2015 · I want to confirm that the clutch on my new AC compressor is engaging properly before I install it on the engine. It won't work well at all with a poor ground. Check that the correct voltage is applied to the motor. 3 Method 3: Replace your clutch. Check the continuity of the clutch and coil, verify you a/c comp relay is good, make sure you have power at the compressor and go from there. Start the engine and turn A/C on and set it to the max cold setting. Inside the block where the relay was located, there should be wires that supply the power to the relay. In a stall test the clutch should be able to be released and stall the engine. Part # 47298. It is mounted in the low pressure side of the AC system and its purpose is to detect the flow of Jun 25, 2014 · When you remove the AC relay listed as A/C Magnetic Clutch Relay on the wiring diagram see if you can locate the two coil terminals. Also, check the cooling fans, they should remain on while the ac is working. Oct 05, 2021 · First, you need to eliminate the clutch in your A/C compressor as the culprit. You’ll find that there’s an air gap between the compressor clutch and the bearing face. Watch the clutch to confirm it engages, then turn the AC off to confirm it can successfully disengages. May 17, 2010 · To check, put the AC on the lowest setting and test the voltage at the AC compressor connection. Step 3. Year Warranty. Test for AC Compressor Clutch Function. I had a few stored codes, which I cleared (EPROM read access error, etc). Step 6: Find any refrigerant leaks. If voltage is being supplied it is likely to be a failed AC clutch. The AC system is closed and should not leak nor should the refrigerant be low. Step 3: Prepare the A/C Pro Refrigerant can & connect it to the low-pressure port. To properly diagnosis clutch coils: Step 1. There is a pressure switch which detects that there is enough gas and if not the ac clutch won't engage. The AC compressor clutch will cost more than $400, while the labor associated with AC compressor clutch replacement will run you The engagement clutch, called an AC clutch, can also fail rendering the compressor inoperative. I’ve read several posts about shimming the clutch plate so that the gap is return to within spec. You could also swap the AC clutch relay in the PDC with a same type relay as a test. Apr 21, 2009 · Remove the AC relay and in the relay socket, place a small jumper wire between pins 50 and 52 (check underneath the relay to identify the pins). I made sure to check the other lead from the coil that is tied to the body of the compressor, that was in good condition mechanically. The compressor clutch is not engaging. I don't need another summer in a black car without a/c Im having ac problems. Sep 29, 2020 · Check AC Pressures. If the gap is too large, the clutch coil can’t pull in the clutch disc. Feb 13, 2016 · both fans run on both low speed but my clutch never engages. Clutch Cycling Switch. Looked for blown fuses (all fuses are intact) and check pressure (pressure is in the green zone) … read more. However, BMW's air conditioning system is not invincible to problems. com ac clutch not engaging? ac compressor not engaging?How to test your A/C clutch and coil using only a paper clip or piece of wire. Set the meter to test for amps (10 amp scale). Sep 30, 2019 · Can you check resistance for the clutch solenoid at the compressor where C1 connects? Resistance should be low. Did you check the fuse? Jun 27, 2010 · Posted: 05/16/11. The problem is somewhat intermittent in that about a year ago, the AC stopped blowing cold air. pdf). Something you can do before jumping these guys, just to do an easy test first of all. On the low-pressure side, you should see readings near 30 PSI when the temperature outside is 90 degrees or less. May 24, 2021 · 4. Turns out that the 20 amp Horn Relay fuse, in the relay box under the hood, also feeds the AC Compressor clutch relay. There are several things that can keep the voltage from not getting there. 7 Valve Plate Test ** Service Oil Information This service manual has been prepared by Sanden International (USA), Inc. If there's voltage, the clutch may be bad. The transmission should shift into gear without any grinding or popping sounds. Before checking to see if a clutch needs to be replaced, see if it is engaging and disengaging properly. You did all the trouble shooting already and when there is 12 V at the clutch connector and the clutch doesn't engage, then that is the only possibility. Here's a closeup of the front of the AC clutch and pulley. Repair wire or check for power 3. Anybody know what my next step should be. The fan clutch is just what the name says, it is a mechanism that will clutch the fan on and off depending on the need for more or less cooling air to flow thru the radiator. Check the front side of the clutch to examine its condition. Use your air conditioning gauge set to check for adequate levels on both sides. Check Function. Now check for ~12v at the compressor clutch connector. – Check your air conditioner circuit breakers. Jun 20, 2013 · The pulley moves freely, because the clutch is disengaged with the engine off. Jan 06, 2016 · The AC compressor relay is responsible for supplying power to the AC compressor and clutch. Permalink. A clutch cycling switch is used to activate and deactivate the compressor clutch instead. Oct 16, 2004 · After taking the clutch off one of my friends told me to check the main bearing in the compressor by moving the shaft up and down. 2. You put power on one side of it, and ground on the other - thats it. The last test is the bar-to-ground test. May 02, 2020 · AC compressor clutch not engaging. You will attach the low-pressure gauge to the low-pressure fitting and vice versa. Disconnect and pull out the clutch. check if this fits your vehicle. INSPECTION PROCEDURE. Other than this, the car operates normally and hasn't had any major service. May 27, 2018 · If you find a short, replace the clutch coil. On some occasions, the clutch can break which means that the compressor will no longer be able to receive power from the engine, making your car unbearably hot on the inside. On average, you’re going to have to pay somewhere between $600 and $670 to replace your AC compressor clutch. The condenser unit never shuts off. Start the truck with the a/c off Note the sound of your engine bay If you have a buddy to help, have them turn the ac on while you watch the compressor If it clicks and engages clutch, you should be able to tell if its locked up. P. 6 Additional Reading: Common car air conditioner problems. Aug 09, 2012 · Disconnect the 14-pin connector. High Pressure Relief Valve Service 10. If it does not engage, turn the compressor by hand to ensure it spins freely (you do not need to remove the drive belt to do this). Jan 31, 2017 · If yes, Check to see if there is voltage at the clutch. Using a 12-volt test light, connect the alligator clip to the negative terminal on the battery. Rev 7, 6/18/2009 ** This guide is for Manual Air Conditioning (as opposed to Climatronic A/C or Climatic A/C), with two 2-speed fans on Volkswagen A4's built after May 1999. The clutch should turn freely. 2 Method 2: Jump-start your clutch. Jun 03, 2010 · This should engage the compressor and the clutch. Unless I’ve misinterpreted something somewhere, I’m working on the assumption all I need to do is provide power to the coil, and the clutch plate should click as it gets pulled onto the pulley. Just like a manual transmission, the AC compressor has a clutch. png (1×1) Press and hold the trigger until your Chevrolet A/C is charged. Converting R-12 Systems to R134a 10. If you didn’t turn on your vehicle earlier to locate the compressor, start your engine and crank your A/C up to Max-Cool with the fan on High. It is a thermostatically controlled device that when May 02, 2020 · AC compressor clutch not engaging. How do you diagnose AC problems? – Check for a dirty air filter. An oil soaked clutch will slip and exhibit the same symptoms as a worn friction disc. It is basically a magnet a/c compressor clutch is the Sep 30, 2019 · Can you check resistance for the clutch solenoid at the compressor where C1 connects? Resistance should be low. If you use jumper wires to send 12V straight to the compressor (wire closest to the engine block of the two going into the compressor plug) and the clutch doesn't engage when the engine is running then the clutch is toast. Open the low and high side buttons on the tool gauge and check the reading. Associate Degree. 10. Next, check the compressor control circuit to make sure power is getting to the clutch. If you have voltage at the compressor, possibly a – Your AC compressor clutch may struggle to engage your AC system’s compressor when your AC system is turned on. With the vehicle running, step on the clutch pedal and put the vehicle into gear. When the A/C amplifier is turned on, a magnetic clutch ON signal is sent from the MGC terminal of the A/ C amplifier. 3 ohm, 0. Replace belt 2. The clutch could be changed separately, but if you still have the original compressor, you probably could Oct 31, 2005 · They do the 15 pt check or whatever they call it, and test your battery. Dec 24, 2020 · In a few cases, the clutch does not engage due to a clogged refrigerant circuit. A resistance meter should indicate that there is some resistance between 1 and 2, to show that the coil has continuity. Then, the MG CLT relay turns on to operate the magnetic clutch. Is the clutch engaging? If not, use a voltmeter to see if the compressor is receiving voltage. Everything checked OK. Both the pulley and the clutch should be spinning. Aug 01, 2021 · If the clutch does not engage and spin, the problem could be an internal short. Show More Show Less. Check the AC compressor clutch air gap. Is there a way to check the clutch operation by jumping power to it? Jim. An example would be a rear main seal oil leak dripping on the clutch disc itself. See Figure 10-5. Nice and rusty. Clutch suddenly quit engaging. Add refrigerant Evaporator Not Cooling operation, the clutch must be allowed to cool completely before testing is performed. Connect your negative, or black battery cable with the grounded contact in the compressor. They should be numbered as 1 and 2. Now to check if the clutch engages or not you will have to grab a lead to figure out this. The AC compressor has a clutch that is connected to the engine by a belt and pulley, and it can provide problems, too. It Includes information on . If the gap is too small, the clutch disc may make noise when the AC is off. how to check ac clutch

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